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Why is there a recall happening?
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Petitioners sought a low-turnout recall election for Ward 5 Councilmembers in an effort to overturn a fair election that they lost. Had the petitioners returned their signatures earlier, a wasteful special recall election would have cost Broomfield taxpayers nearly $80,000. 

Why should you question this recall effort?

Individuals in Ward 5 have complained that while collecting signatures, petition circulators made false statements to voters.


When a hearing officer asked them to testify under oath about their falsehoods they refused, saying they feared “incriminating” themselves.

We'll be voting NO, will you?

The question “Should Councilmember Cohen be recalled?” will be a yes or no question on the November ballot. Please vote NO.

​What happens if the recall succeeds?

If Councilmember Cohen is recalled, a petition circulator with a long record of divisive statements and extreme political views contrary to Broomfield's best interests could be sworn into office and serve until 2025.


Share this information! Socials, email, chat - talking with your friends and neighbors helps fight misinformation.


Donate! Sharing our messages requires funds. Your contributions are invaluable. Donate quickly and easily here on ActBlue.


Volunteer! You can help get out the vote in a variety of ways, sign up here.



Visit Vote Broomfield! Everything you need to know about voting in Colorado. Ballots hit the post office on October 16th, keep your eyes on your mailbox!


TURN IN YOUR BALLOT! This is the vital last step to defeat this baseless recall effort. Your vote can only be counted if you submit your ballot.

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